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The world of Disserei has grown a little too small for all its inhabitants to coexist peacefully. The tentative treaty between the five clans has all but dissolved, and tensions are rising as the chaos of war approaches. Players enter the picture as potential leaders of a new era, and attempt to build a nation that will become the center of civilization. That nation can be warlike or peaceful.

Unition is a deckbuilding combat free-for-all with two ways to win. Players have the choice of an aggressive approach where they reduce every other player’s health to zero, or playing defensively and winning by points. Health and points are kept secret behind player screens, and so social dynamics play a part in overall strategy as the game goes on.

Each player starts with a low-value starter deck from which they draw a hand of five cards to play on their turn. These played cards give resources like currency to recruit stronger clan cards, attack to direct at other players, and points to collect. Recruited clan cards bring new abilities and stronger elements into player's decks, and each clan has a specialty. Two cards of the same clan gain bonuses when played together, with a large bonus occurring if a member from each clan is played in a single hand.

The game ends in one of two ways: when only one player has health left, making them the last player standing, or when one player has gained 50 points. Each player starts with 50 health tokens, and when they reach zero, they are eliminated while other players continue. However, the instant any player gains their 50th point token, the game immediately ends for everyone and that player wins.

Unition requires each player to carefully decide their path, balance resources, and build their empire while also playing the macro game of navigating the politics and subterfuge of those sitting around the table.

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  • Aantal spelers 2 - 5

  • Leeftijdscategorie 14 +

  • Speluitleg 10'

  • Spelduur 90'

  • Complexiteit 3/5


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